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Partial Unemployment Benefit Calculator

As of January 18, 2021, New York State uses a new rule to define how part-time work impacts unemployment benefits. With this change, your benefits are not reduced for each day you engage in part-time work. Instead, benefits are reduced in increments based on your total hours of work for the week.

In order to be eligible for partial unemployment benefits, your hours must have been reduced to less than your normal work hours through no fault of your own, you must work 30 or fewer hours in a week, and you must earn $504 or less in a week.

You can use this tool to calculate how you should report your hours worked when certifying weekly.

NOTE: This tool should be used as a guide only. It does not guarantee that you will be eligible for the number of days calculated.

How many hours did you work each day during the week for which you are certifying?

Enter your total time worked for each day. If you did not work in a day, enter 0.

Day of the Week Hours Worked Time
Hours Minutes
Monday : 0:00
Tuesday : 0:00
Wednesday : 0:00
Thursday : 0:00
Friday : 0:00
Saturday : 0:00
Sunday : 0:00

Total Hours Worked (Rounded Up):
Number of Days to Certify:

How is partial unemployment calculated?

See the partial unemployment webpage and FAQs for details.